Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Does he really like you or is he just using you for sex??? Or in other works are you just a F***

This is crazy, I was on the internet and came across this list that I found interesting... in my opinion if you recognize 5 out of the 10 things listed, girrrlllll get out NOW!!!!! LOL

1. He doesn't call to thank you after you take him to a nice dinner or if you do or say something sweet to him.

2. He doesn't know your real last name.
3. He doesn't suggest spending quality time with you, like watch a movie or go for a romantic drive, or any activity that doesn’t include sex.

4. You find him at the club showing off his moves or entertaining some girl even after he notice you noticing him. 

5. Shows up with his wife or girlfriend to the party you invited him to .
6. He suggests you date one of his friends. 

7. He doesn't call and makes poor excuses.

8. Doesn't give you a hug or a kiss goodbye.

9. He tells you he isn't ready to settle down into a relationship.
10. He tells you he's just not that into you.

Hollywoods Sweethearts!!!! This is what ever woman deserves!

Ladies we all deserve a man that respects and adores us, who knows how to treat us like a princess... here are some of the top men in Hollywood who knows how to treat a woman right...

David Beckham, Clive Owen, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joshua Jackson, Mat Damon were the top 5. Seal, Justin Timberlake, and Will Smith made the list as well.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Not finding Mr Right?

Not Finding Mr. Right? 5 Mistakes You're Making
Finding a date-worthy man is tough, but you could be making it harder on yourself. Here, five common goofs.

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You're hot, you're fun, you have a cool job and a big circle of friends — in other words, you're the whole package. Then why the hell can't you meet a guy? "Often, women subconsciously give off 'keep away' signals," says psychotherapist Rhonda Findling, author of The Dating Cure. Well, we've pinpointed some of the mistakes you might be making and found ways for you to remedy the situation ASAP.

You hang with a big group of girls.
When going on a manhunt, you may feel better bringing backup. Problem is, surrounding yourself with a posse makes you unapproachable. "It's intimidating for a guy," says Findling. "He's afraid of being rejected in front of an audience." To make yourself available, go out with just one wingwoman or separate from the crew and work the room solo.

You always hit the same places
How many times have you found yourself saying, "Ugh, there are no cute guys here"? And yet, the following week, you're back at the same bar, with the same people, saying the same thing. "Well, if you want to find a great catch, you should venture outside of your comfort zone," says New York City psychologist and life coach Janice D. Bennett, PhD. The next time a pal invites you to a film class or suggests you hit karaoke night at some dive, give it a shot.

You give some guys the cold shoulder
When you're eyeing a sexy stud and some so-so dude starts chatting you up, you're probably tempted to blow him off. But that could backfire. "If the object of your affection sees you acting rudely, he'll move on to a girl who isn't as bitchy," warns Findling. Not only that, but the B-list boy could actually turn out to be cool. So unless he acts like a sleaze, give the guy a break and talk to him. If he still leaves you cold, politely excuse yourself and move on.

You refuse to be set up
You whine about how hard it is to meet a man, yet you veto any friend who tries to hook you up and you won't even try online dating. "You need to open yourself up to any opportunity," says Bennett. "Spread the word that you want to be set up." And at least log on to a dating site and see who's out there. If you click with a guy, great; if not, you don't even have to endure a bad blind date.

You're too intent
It's fine that you want to meet someone, but you don't want to be so obvious about it. "Men can sense desperation," warns psychotherapist Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of Calling in "The One." "Most guys will steer clear of a girl they think is dying for a boyfriend." In addition, being on a man-finding mission can make you self-conscious. "You become so fixated on how you look and act that you can't enjoy yourself," says Findling. The goal should be to have fun, not meet guys. The irony: Your laid-back vibe will attract men anyway.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Throw back! Pharrel and Gwen "Can I Have it Like That"

Tell us can you really have it like that? :)
This beat is hot!

Victoria Beckham 2009 Spring Fashion ($1,500-$3,600)

Victoria B. has amazing style, she definitely knows how to work it... either if she's on the red carpet or cat walking down the street. But do you remember if she was this stylish when she was a member of the Spice Girls? "SO TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT WHAT YOU REALLY REALLY WANT" I love that song (smile)

classy and instyle...


Friday, March 20, 2009

Morning Jump for the Fellas...Hot New kicks from "Clae"

Committed to quality, detail, and style 'CLAE' comes with some cult classics and newly revamped models for a consumer
market place craving a fresh take on footwear. Footwear range from ($80.00-$135.00)

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a great way to relax... wouldnt it be nice to shower outside?

Throw Back Video: Jessica Simpson: I Wanna Love You Forever (live)

This song gets me a lil emotional everytime I hear it!! She sounded so in love

I love this!!! Can never go wrong with black and white... Preen Fashion Show 2009 in NYC

People look dead serious at the Preen fashion show, LOL. These are some of the outfits that caught my eye. LOVES IT!

Simple but Sexy!!!!

Us girls love to look sexy, but if its done simple, it makes it even better! Eva Longoria Parker does a excellant job of this, rockn' a safari jacket from Old Navy, skinny jeans, and a pair of sexy heels, LOVE IT!

These are cute! Also affordable price!!!!

Bianca $59.95 you can get these at Bakers

Watch out for these Divas!!!!

Pose for the camera!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Say cheeeese...

Today was a good day...the girls had a shoot and it went really well!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Suprise him!

Suprise your man....Men love women in lingerie. Here are some sexy lingerie under $100 at victoria's secret

The hottest couple! she has great style and her man is soooo sexy!

One of the best photographers !! Markus Klinko

Markus has worked with many big names in the industry... and his work is amazing!!

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